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Lloyd Pritchard Consulting Limited

Manufacturing Execution System Consulting and Training

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Lloyd Pritchard Consulting Ltd. (LPC) is a customer focused consultancy, providing technical Manufacturing Execution System consulting and training services to manufacturing companies in high-tech industries.
LPC operates world-wide from offices in the United Kingdom.


The decision to implement a new Manufacturing Execution System is one not taken lightly by Manufacturing Companies. Whether migrating from an legacy system to a new system, or implementing an MES for the first time, the selection of the correct MES and MES Vendor is critical to the success of a company.

LPC has the expertise to assist in making the correct decisions in the selection process.





PROMIS MES is one of the leading MES Applications available to Manufacturing Companies in High-Tech industries, with it's rock solid performance, stability and unsurpassed functionality out of the box. Whether running PROMIS in existing facilities, migrating to PROMIS from another MES or implementing for the first time, if you require PROMIS Consulting expertise look no further.





Ensuring your personnel have the correct skills to perform their daily tasks is extremely important to productivity in a manufacturing environment.

LPC Consultants have been providing training to PROMIS users for many years. New implementaions, additional PROMIS modules or new staff, we offer Application, System and Custom training courses covering every aspect of PROMIS including the most recent features and functions available in PROMIS 5.8.1.