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OpenVMS On Call
OpenVMS "On Call" Support Service
Service Details
The OpenVMS “On Call” Support Service provides remote support for all aspects of the OpenVMS Operating System. Although initially offered to facilities running the PROMIS MES, our many years of experience in managing OpenVMS systems enables LPC to offer this service to companies running any application on the OpenVMS Operating System. The service is offered to manage the Operating System not the Application.


Individual customer contracts may differ in detail depending on specific requirements, however the main points of the service are:


 Remote Support

 Quarterly Billing

 Contracted Response Times

 Regular OpenVMS House Keeping Activities

 Primary and Secondary LPC contacts for day to day issues


The support service will be kicked off with an On-Site system evaluation to provide LPC personnel with a detailed picture of your existing setup. This will be followed by recommendations for possible improvements to ensure optimum system performance. We will also help create house keeping procedures which will maintain performance and prolong the life of your systems.


Regular House Keeping activities will include but are not limited to:


 System Monitoriing

 Installation of Layered Products and Patches

 Creation and Maintenance of Automatic House Keeping Procedures

 UAF House Keeping to ensure SOX compliance

 Creation and Monitoring of Backup Menu Procedures

 DFO Installation and Creation of Scripts for the Automation of Disk Defragmentation

 Sysgen Configuration


In addition to regular house keeping activities, LPC support personnel will be available to deal with day to day issues which may occur.


LPC can also be contracted for additional OpenVMS project work which falls outside the support contract. This can include system upgrades and

installation on new hardware.